About Steve Perry Productions

Welcome to the online home of Steve Perry Productions. First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visitng my website and also for your consideration of my photography services. My motto, "Memories Are Priceless," is exactly how I feel about photography. I believe that photography is more than just the art of capturing reflected light as it has the capability to do so much more. A single photograph can spur a great many of memories, cherished memories that may have slipped as time continued on. In 1911, a newspaper article quoted editor Arthur Brisbane as saying "Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words." and it is this quote that eventually became the more commonly known phrase of "A picture is worth a thousand words." While I truly believe this quote and adage is accurate for most cases, but for those who were there when the picture was produced, it is not the photo itself that is worth the thousand words, but the priceless memories associated with the event that has been frozen in time. Because of that, I truly believe and stand by the Memories Are Priceless Motto. With that being said, please allow me to take you through the steps taken to assure your photography needs will be met with the expectations you have set.

In closing, thanks again for visiting my website and for your consideration in me for your photography needs. Please feel free to browse my online galleries and also contact me for any questions, concerns, or a photography quote.

Why Choose Me?

1) Experience - 16 Years of Photography Experience and over 10 years Photo Lab Experience.

2) Equipment - Always choose the sharpest lens available as well as best camera for job.

3) Flexibility - Completely customized photography packages always available to suit you, the customer's needs.

4) Reliability - I am always prompt and timely upon arrival at locations, and never a need to worry about where your photographer is.

5) My Understanding of exactly how priceless each memory is to all of us.