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My primary clientele focus is on portraiture. Rangings from everyday portraiture for family to specialty gift portraits, please check out my Portraiture Portfolio to see what I can do for you.

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Model Portfolios

If you're looking for assistance with a Modeling Portfolio, whether you're just getting started or needing new material, look no further. My experience working with many models over the years includes setting up portfolios to help get one's foot in the door!

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Product & Still Life

Having been an exclusive photographer for jewelry catalogs and other online products, I have the knowledge and skills to capture your product in a way to make it appeasing to the eyes of your clientele!

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Who am I?

That's a fantastic question. Who Steve Perry is can be simply put as an adventuring photographer who started out as as a hobbiest in high school and just grew with from there. Beginning with simple black and white film lab in school, the bug of photography gripped me at in my earlier teenage years, the ability to capture single moment in time fascinated me and as I've grown older, I've grown to cherish the memories captured through the years during my adventures whether it be into the wilderness exploring or capturing the first kiss of a bride and her groom. The memories captured, are priceless artifacts that one can reflect on for years to come, and being able to help capture those moments that one my relive is my driving desire in photography. My first step towards Professional Photography started when I joined Wolf Camera. There I learned the in's and out's of all different cameras in more depth than ever before. I learned how to take a basic entry level camera to capture images revivaling those captured by top end cameras, as well as exactly how light reacts differently to the camera than what the eye can see by learning the Film Lab from some of the best Film Lab Technicians in the industry. As my knowledge grew, so I started taking photos for friends and family, eventually breaking into the market of wedding photography. Since then, working as a Part Time Freelance Photographer, I have completed multiple success sessions on a regular basis, with many happy and satisfied clients.

Our Clientele Focus

Still Life & Product

Our Features

Quality Photography

With my variety of experience, I'm able to get you exactly the quality of photography you expect to keep the priceless memory forever.

Customized Packages

Offer completely customizable packages to fit your specific needs.

Onsite Photography

No need to worry about traveling, if you have a specific location in mind for a backdrop, I'll be glad to come to you.

Creative Edge

Not only do we offer multiple ideas to help create a unique photo of your own, but your ideas are welcome too!


Over 20 years doing photography as a hobbiest, with last 17 years professionally in addition to working 7 years in photography retail & lab services.

Quality Equipment

An added benefit of my knowledge is that I am able to choose the right equipment to meet your needs.


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Happy Clients


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Steve Perry

Founder / CEO / Lead Photographer